About Me

Hey Fancy Girl ! My name is Stephanie Escobar also known as @Socal_x on Instagram ! I’m the creator of FancyGirl Beauty, a mom of 2 boys and a makeup artist. I have a great passion in making others feel beautiful and gain self confidence! I wanted to create healthy and affordable products! I hand make lip glosses, lip scrubs and bath bombs! I use my own formula I came up with ! There were a lot of trial errors but with hard work and dedication I finally perfected what I had in mind! I put so much love and effort in doing what I love ! With my products and makeup artistry I am able to fulfill my passion ! With my lash line, the goal was to create affordable yet great quality 3d mink lashes for all my supporters to wear and feel unstoppable! Each Style has been carefully handmade to fit comfortably and to be able to reuse up to 25x ! The Best part is that our lashes are 100% cruelty free ! We want you all to be part of our Fancy Girl Beauty community please tag us on instagram @fancygirlbeauty and #fancybgirl to be featured using our products !! Have a great day Fancy girls and remember Lashes speak louder than words !